Our Approach


Engineering the next-generation FFP3 face mask

Provision of FFP3 masks that are fit-for-purpose for healthcare workers is a complex problem. In order to deliver a solution, the nature of the problem, the systems with which it interfaces and the resources available must all be exhaustively understood.


We believe in providing a thoroughly-researched, long-term solution to arm healthcare workers with a level of respirator protection that will facilitate their ability to serve patients.

  1. Our approach is a healthcare-specific systems approach adopted from the toolkit of Engineering Better Care.
  2. Our expertise is strongly cross-disciplinary across all relevant stakeholders
  3. Our efforts are collaborative between academia and industry
  4. Our data are provided by the healthcare workers on the ground who tell exactly what challenges they face in their daily work


Align research, innovation and delivery processes.


Identify all relevant stakeholders & user / equipment pathways


Co-ordinate critical design decisions, safety, technical & programme risks