3d mfm project

Our Aim

The Global Issue

On 12th March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. During this initial phase, Healthcare Workers (HCWs) grappled to access adequate PPE protection as patient numbers soared. Healthcare systems and governments were challenged by unprecedented circumstances.

Working Together

Collaborative efforts at both national and international level have exemplified what can be achieved both in terms of logistic support on the ground – as well as in fields of translational research. Great strides have been made when academia, industry and government have worked in concert.

Healthcare Worker Feedback

As we enter the next phase, focusing on the restoration of healthcare services within the UK whilst still uncertain of COVID-19 trajectory, we heed the feedback from healthcare workers who now face a ‘new-normal’ way of working whilst remaining committed to serving patients. Central to this way of working is PPE – the FFP3 mask having become synonymous with ultimate level protection.

Pandemic Preparedness

We have responded to the evidence generated by healthcare workers by incorporating this valuable information into FFP3 mask design. The insights gained during from Phase 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic are being used to optimise FFP3 pandemic preparedness — not only for the COVID-19 pandemic but also for future pandemics. 


The most common time for which healthcare workers wear the FFP3 mask in a single shift


Healthcare workers who change their neck or facial posture when wearing an FFP3 mask


Healthcare workers consider the FFP3 mask to be "moderately" uncomfortable

Data collected from the 3D MFM survey (July 2020)